What are Fellowship Groups?

They are the key to connecting here at McCarthy. Fellowship Groups are designed to be comfortable, inviting places where you can meet new people and develop real friendships, study God’s Word and apply it to your life, and use your talents, gifts and passions to serve others in our community and beyond.


Fellowship Groups meet both at the church and in homes throughout St. Joe. Below is a list of all the current Fellowship Groups, the group makeup, a link to driving directions, and the date and times. If you’d like to learn more about Fellowship Groups or need help finding one that’s just right for you, contact Lynn King, Fellowship Group Director.

Sundays, 9:00am (McCarthy Baptist Church)

Tyler Bridges & Sherry Pontius

DOME (Act. Bldg)

Youth - Students Grades 7-12


King's Kids Korner (Downstairs)

Kids Newborn-6th Grade

Pastor Jeremiah Bradford Fellowship Hall Young Adults
Danny King Room 203A Mixed Adults

Leigh Feuerbacher

Room 204

Mixed Adults

K Talbot             Room 205     Mixed Adults
Ron Whitlock Room 206 Senior Adults
Ben & Erin Creedy Room 207     Mixed Adults
Ruth Clark         Room 208 Mixed Adults

Carla McKinney

Room 209

Mixed Adults

Delbert Richardson & Lynn King

Room 210

Mixed Adults


Mondays, 7 pm (off campus)

     Women's group facilitated by Sherry Pontius (2006 Eugene Field Avenue, St. Joseph, MO)

Wednesdays, 6:00 pm (McCarthy Baptist Church)

K Talbot                                 Room 208 Women
Mark Gildersleeve & Ray Yarnell Room 209                           Men                                                            
Vicki Steele & Zara Young                                                   Room 210 Women                           

Saturday, 7:00 am (off campus)

     Men's group facilitated by Ben Creedy (Perkins Restaurant)